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Basic Green Smoothie

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Green smoothies, yes we have heard all about them before 🙄 but did you know that they truly are one of the best ways to take in nutrients? You can pack in as much or as little as you wish to your smoothies. I recommend that you add these to your breakfast tables. If you or your kids are not good about eating leafy greens, you can put them in smoothies. They are yummy, unprocessed, easy to make & you can even get your kids to make their own flavours. When you involve them in the process, it makes it a fun and great opportunity to instill in them some healthy eating habits.

They are not just for children though. Green smoothies are a great go to for anyone who is wanting to pack nutrients into a single meal. What I love about them is that there are virtually no rules to making them. You can tweak them into whatever you enjoy. There is no end to how many ingredients you can add to them either. This is where you can really control what you wish to ingest because you can select whatever is healthy for you.

I have heard many people complain about green smoothies being tasteless and that has always baffled me because I wonder what they are putting into them to make them tasteless. They are one of the yummiest things ever. An issue some people tell me is, I don’t have this & that superfood. Here’s the thing though, when we hear of superfoods and every person left, right & centre is talking about them, we may feel like we are lacking in healthy nutrients if we don’t have that specific food in our diet. Just as a side, being an African person I have gone searching for some superfoods after hearing about them, and thinking, “oh my God I’m missing out”, only to find that the superfood that’s currently trending is something I have been eating for decades, it’s only just become known in the west but it’s been in my African diet for as long as I can remember, referred to by a different name in a different language, that’s all. After this happened a few times, I become sober minded every time a new superfood is announced knowing that while it’s trending in one part of the world, it has been in existence in more traditional communities for long, and thus I no longer fear that I am missing out.

Another thing to note is that, while some foods make the headlines, it doesn’t mean that they are the only foods that are good for you, or that other foods are drastically lacking in comparison. They maybe equally potent but just didn’t make the news. It is also healthier to eat a variety of foods as opposed to the same thing over and over again, the diversity in nutrients that comes from a wide range in foods is good for our immune system.

Because at times we forget that we don’t need the latest, trending ingredients to eat healthy, I wanted to put up a recipe for a basic green smoothie. Just your good old apples & regular leafy greens can boost your immunity. You can always add more ingredients to this if you want but leafy green + fruit is already a good start.

green apples 🍏

kale + lettuce

pineapple 🍍

avocado 🥑

lime essential oil (1-2drops in a 300-500ml glass, 😋) lime detoxifies the body

Other options to add in can be: spirulina, ginger (I use the essential oil), other types of leafy greens e.g spinach, other fruits can include pears & lemons

*can also add in natural yoghurt for my dairy loving friends

Sweetening your smoothies with fruits instead of processed sugar is a healthier way to balance blood sugar levels

Try this and let me know how you like it.

Enjoy 😋

With Love … Fadzi ♥️



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