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Meet Fadzi

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach . Intuitive Energy Healer . Inspirational Speaker

We Are Here To Create Joyful Lives

Hi, I’m Fadzi! Since my earlier years I have been fascinated with people who have found a way to align with their inner self and constantly live from that space. I call that living on purpose. I feel that life is best enjoyed when in connection with our reason for being on the planet. When we find a way to be our true selves, unapologetically, we live in flow with life. I love helping people find that connection to themselves & use it to create joyful lives. 


At the basis of everything I do is the energy of inspiration & healing. As you watch my videos, attend my workshops or take my online classes, you will feel this underlying current of helping you heal your life, heal your emotions, heal your plate & inspire you to your best self.

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It All Boils Down To Daily Habits...

You see, we all have desires which we want to accomplish & gifts we want to share with the world but we can’t do that if our foundation is shaky. A life well lived is one in which we are at our best, most of the time. A happy life means we are happy, most of the time, and achieving that boils down to daily habits. If on most days you are unhappy, then your life is unhappy. I know it sounds simplistic, but time accumulates with each day that passes. I am here to support you in creating a healthy lifestyle that you can actually sustain, daily. Your power lies in your ability to master what you do with each single day you are given.

But Wait ... Who Am I To Help You Do That?

I am a multi-passionate person with natural gifts that lie in a few different areas.


The stuff I didn’t learn in school: I have spiritual gifts of intuitiveness that I use in my healing work. I am creative, very musical, I sing, I write songs. I love to cook healthy. I love people, I love diversity, I think one of the best things about being on the planet is the different types of people that walk the earth, with differing cultures and different outlooks on life, it’s wonderful. I love beauty, I think beauty is an essence of divinity, look at nature, it’s always adorned so beautifully. I love fashion. I am silly, I joke around, a lot. I laugh a lot. I dance a lot. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have an optimistic view on life. I am a lover, I love love, I love loving on people, it just is the greatest thing in the world. You’re bound to see some or all of these aspects of myself show up in my work.


The stuff I did get in school: A graduate degree. Integrative health coaching certifications & specializations in hormone health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Energy Healing (one doesn’t get that last one from a typical school though ;))

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And Yet, My Biggest Classroom Has Been Life Itself...

In my earlier years I experienced some of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through which without me even knowing it, prepared me for my career in supporting others in creating happier lives. Change isn’t always easy and had I not been forced time and again by life to evolve, I wouldn’t have the capacity to support others in doing the same. Here are some highlights from my life school:


I come from what many call a broken home, where my parents divorced when I was just 2 years old. My teenage mom took me & went back to her home and there I was raised by my grandmother, my mom, her younger sisters & her brother. My dad died just after my 17th birthday, my dear aunt, mom’s sister whom I'm named after & who helped raise me died two years after that, a few years later, mom's brother, who simply loved me just because, was gone, and barely a year after he passed, my mom, my rock, passed away too. It felt in that period, like our family was constantly being hit by a fast moving train, it was blow after blow after blow. How does one carry on living? I had to learn to look grief in the eye & keep moving forward knowing life had to have some greater meaning.


I survived sexual abuse. I studied a degree that didn’t have anything to do with any of my gifts, so I know how it feels to be in a life sucking job. Thankfully I have changed careers, and that in itself was a huge shift & I had a lot of fear going into it. I got retrenched from my 1st real job. I don’t live in the country I was born in, I’ve had to learn new languages so I could adapt to a new society. I run my own business. I know what it’s like to make big mistakes in life, and I mean BIG mistakes, I have made my share of bad decisions. And then yes, of course, have also gone through the usual - break-ups, bad friendships, etc


From all that, I’ve had to learn to pick myself up, dust myself off & keep going. As much as these events have scarred me, they have also sharpened me & shaped me into a better version of myself. They have brought out of me immense emotional tenacity and empathy. So as we work together, know that I do what I do from a place of love, life experience & utter respect for you and your unique journey. 

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