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Dairy Free, Banana Blueberry Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Want to try a healthy alternative to processed flour, processed sugar pancakes? I have just the thing for you, chickpea flour pancakes! Yup, chickpea flour is an actual thing. I love using it to make pancakes, wraps, muffins, cakes & flat breads. When I began using it I was surprised by how soft the muffins and pancakes turned out. It is a great substitute to white processed flour and incredible for those who are gluten sensitive. It is packed with protein & is one of my favourite things to use in the kitchen.

The pancakes I have for you today are healthy, nutrient dense and absolutely yummy! They have bananas, blueberries, mangos. They even have vanilla essence. They are dairy free, egg free and can be made gluten free too. They have superfoods such as hemp seeds & flax seed powder, which acts as the egg replacer. They are so good, I have to restrain myself from making them a daily breakfast.

I also love that they are very filling, on the days I eat them, I can get up to lunch time without feeling hungry or hangry.

If you are tired of the yoo-yoo-ing sugar spikes and sugar dips & are looking for ways to keep your blood sugar balanced, or if you just want to add in more nutrients to your breakfast, this alternative is worth a try.

Watch the Fadzi make this dish:


  • Chickpea flour

  • Organic whole-wheat flour (optional for those who don't have a gluten sensitivity)

  • Flaxseed powder (grind your flaxseeds into a powder), 1-2 tablespoons

  • Non-dairy milk (I used sunflower seed milk), enough to make a pancakes pouring consistency

  • Very ripe banana (the riper the banana, the sweeter it is)

  • A handful of blueberries

  • Hemp seeds

  • Nuts & seeds of your choice to garnish (

  • Maple syrup

  • Cooking oil (I suggest coconut cooking oil)

  • Mango (cubed)

  • Vanilla essence (to taste)

When making pancakes, I don't follow strict measurements, I use my "eye" to measure depending on how many pancakes I am thinking of making.


1. Mix in the flours & flaxseed powder in a bowl. Please note that you do not need to have two flours, the chickpea flour by itself will suffice. I love experimenting, and so I tried it with two flours and I loved how it turned out.

2. Pour in a little bit of your non-dairy milk and mix until you get a thick consistency

3. Add in your banana(s) and use a thick to mix them into the bowl, whisk until the batter is smooth

4. Add in more nut milk, enough to create a pancake mix pouring consistency

5. Add in hemp seeds

6. Add in blueberries


1. In a lightly oiled heated pan, pour in your pancake mix. Depending on how big your pan is, you can make several pancakes at a time. I don't care much for creating a perfect circle with my pancakes.

2. You will know the pancake is ready to be flipped over when you see bubbles appearing on the surface of your pancakes. When that happens, flip them around, press them in & make sure your blueberries are squashed in. They will most likely burst, giving a beautiful purple vibe to your pancakes.

3. Stack several pancakes on top of each other, top with your mango and garnish with your nuts and seeds of choice.

4. Pour some maple syrup over your pancakes, whatever amount works for you. Keep it healthy though.



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