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Healthy Eats: Buckwheat Noodles Topped With Avocado

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Asian flavours for dinner tonight, done Ala Fadzi, of course 😆

I stumbled upon this dish sometime ago. That day, I had set out to cook whatever needed to go from the fridge, and as such I was just putting together ingredients unsure of what I was cooking, as I was cooking it. This is a common occurrence for me by the way, the putting together ingredients I’m unsure of part. It turned out to be really yummy, and it’s become one of my favourite ways to eat buckwheat noodles.

Never tried buckwheat noodles (a.k.a soba noodles in Japan) before? They pack a whole bunch of nutrients, high in minerals including potassium, phosphorous & magnesium. I wonder why anyone ever named it buckwheat because it is actually not related to wheat at all and is gluten free. It is rich in fibre & has been shown to improve heart health as well as improve blood sugar control.

Watch how I cook up some buckwheat noodles in the video below:


whole grain buckwheat noodles (using Japanese ones here)

celery (using Chinese celery here, it’s slightly thinner & softer than western celery but tastes similar)

red onions

avocado 🥑

organic soy sauce

sesame seeds (for garnish)

Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

With Love ... Fadzi ♥️


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