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Guided Meditation On Surrender

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hello you! How are you doing? How are you coping? I feel like 2020 is the year of revelations. It has been unpredictable, intense & has relentlessly been uncovering so much that is not working in our human community. And while it feels overwhelming for many, it is also thrilling. Did I just say thrilling? Yes, I said thrilling. Think about it, you have never felt more alive in your whole life than you have these past few months. Everything we know to be normal is upside down and it is like we are in some kind of weird movie and yet it is happening, for real.

The emotional rollercoaster that we have been on since January is immense. I have never cried in any one year as much as I have cried this year as event after event after event that breaks our hearts plays out on the world stage and I am wondering when the suffering is going to stop.

Being one who loves looking at things from the bigger picture perspective I keep asking the question, what new possibilities are trying to emerge from this? What is this storm here to teach us? I feel that while we are doing our best to react to all that is rising up to be healed in our human consciousness, we also have to put in the work to create a better world. There is opportunity for us as a human race to look at what is going on and decide what kind of world we want to live in moving forward. We actually have to come up with ideas for the changes we want to see. I am hearing conversations about reforming systems that just last month would have been unheard of, that’s the sort of year 2020 has been. There is opportunity here for us to come together and create a completely different, more progressive world than before.

There is a lot of noise all around, it’s never been louder. It’s critical that we hear our own inner voice always, but even more so in this particular moment. I don’t know about you but I am finding that having a daily spiritual practice is the anchor that is keeping me sane and helping me to envision a different life for myself. It grounds me especially in these times where each day you turn on the news there is something horrendous going on. Meditation continues to be that thing that brings me back to sanity because it allows me to connect with my inner self each day.

I want to share with you a guided meditation that I actually recorded years ago but am finding it so relevant at this time. It is a meditation on surrender. This idea of surrendering is popping up in my mind a lot these past few months because as we are living in unprecedented times. 2020 is one of those take each day as it comes type of years, it forces you to be more present. I am finding that instead of being in resistance to what is going on, and afraid about what the future holds, being in the present is where I am most comfortable. And then I add in a layer of surrendering, which doesn’t mean giving up, it simply means I stop resisting what is happening, I accept it as it is and then open myself up to something more. I don’t necessarily see what the future will be yet, but I am trusting in a force bigger than myself to show me the next right step, knowing that I am loved and taken care of, so what unfolds will be for my benefit. This practice has been so helpful for me this year & I want to offer it to you too.

In this guided meditation on surrender we release past thoughts & future fears, as we come into appreciating this moment and give in to the new that wants to unfold.

Let me know in the comments what you are doing in your life in these times to release anxiety, fear, overwhelm & stay calm and centered? What are your tips & tools?

Keep your vibes high,

With Love … Fadzi ♥️


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