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A Quick Way To Overcome Anxiety

How are you holding up thus far in 2020? Life as we know it has been flipped on it's head; anxiety & overwhelm are the order of the day for the majority of the planet in this particular moment. I can't lie and say it's been an easy ride for me this year, it's been everything all at once. I see the destruction & I also see opportunities. Humans are creatures of habit, we do well when have set plans and created charts & spreadsheets of how things will turn out. These have for years somehow fooled us into thinking that we got things under control. Then 2020 rolled in and all that was thrown out the window.

I remember so clearly the second I realised that 2020 was not going to let up that easily. It was back in February (because I live in China and was in lockdown before the rest of the world was). It dawned on me then that this was significant change rolling in on the wheels of a pandemic. I felt excited, not about the virus, but about the ushering in of a new world, a new energy, a new age. It quickly occurred to me though that I had no roadmap to take me forward. In the past I have depended on how things went in the previous year to project how things would be the following year. And yet, this time around there is no map, at least not the usual ones we've used before. This is an unprecedented time, and we don't actually know when the dust will settle and when it does, what will our priorities be at that time, what will we hold in high regard at that time?

I also realised that as people we had been so very limited in our thinking before, we use a year that has already passed to determine how far we might go in the following year. What if life wanted to give us something way bigger & better but we never considered it because we like to project the future based off of the past. What a limiting practice. I like that 2020 is challenging all of that and is forcing us to think differently.

Not everyone is seeing it this way though, many people are feeling like they have been stretched to the limit and are overwhelmed because they are dealing with high levels of uncertainty. Everything, for the most part, is shifting. The things we relied on to give us a sense of ease or security are in flux. How are you holding up? Are you in panic, anxiety & overwhelm? Or are you calmly embracing the changes and carving a new path forward? Can you hear your own inner thoughts or is the external world too loud that you are struggling to hear you?

Things are changing quickly, with each new day there are new developments, of huge proportions that make the news we heard just last week sound like it happened back in 1999. Haha. That's how fast things are unravelling. As such we could benefit from practicing daily check ins with ourselves. During this time, I advice you to employ healing work & self care practices daily otherwise you might find that it all becomes too much & at a certain point, you just can't deal. What's keeping me anchored is staying in the eye of the storm, where it's calmest. I'll share with you one practice I am using a lot of to help me quickly come back to center in this fast changing world. Check out the video below to learn this simple technique. Don't let the simplicity of the exercise fool you into thinking you got this, actually practice it and you will find it is a powerful little tool that can bring you from intense negative emotion to a higher vibration.

After you've watched I would love to know if you found this useful & how you will incorporate it into your daily life. Leave me a comment below letting me know. I love hearing from you.

Share this with your loved ones if you feel they will benefit from it.

Take care of you, stay in the eye of the storm.

With Love ... Fadzi ♥️

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1 Comment

Really lovely video Fadzi. I discovered the power of breath through yoga and it now finds new ways to appear in my life (on and off the mat) from tantra, breathworkshops, mediation and my favourite affirmations. A fantastic message and tool to spread, "let's walk, let's flow, let's breathe, let's love! Through fear, joy, sadness and everything, this is the dance of life!"

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