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Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Program

6 Month Program: 1 to 1 sessions for your dietary & lifestyle changes

  • 1 hour
  • Online Session

Service Description

In this 6month program, Fadzi will support you in making dietary & lifestyle changes so that you can develop sustainable healthy habits. These habits are the building blocks to the healthier, happier life you want to live. Sessions are tailor-made to your specific needs. To sign up for this service, you are required to first sign up for the free initial consultation. It is one hour long and an opportunity for Fadzi to understand what you need. After you complete her free initial consultation where you discuss your needs, goals and your area of focus, if Fadzi gives you the green light, you will then be able to enroll into the 6month program. Fadzi specialises in the following areas: Dietary: Healthy eating &cooking - she helps you with incorporating more nutrient dense foods into your life. Lifestyle: Identifying root problems - the way we eat is affected by the things happening in other parts of our lives. Fadzi takes a holistic approach & helps you see if besides your food, other areas in your life need work. Areas include sleep, work-life balance, home environment, relationships with loved ones, finances, personal fulfilment, self love and many more. This program is 6 months long because this is a good enough amount of time in which you can see the changes you are making in your body and in your life. It also sets you up for success in maintaining the healthy habits that your create. Sessions are held every 2weeks with an additional 10-15minute check in call the week you don't have a session. Pre-requisite: Complete the free initial consultation.

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