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Energy Healing Sessions

1 to 1 Healing Sessions

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 350 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Energy healing & meditation services. Energy healing is the act of working with the subtle body to activate the natural healing processes of the body. It restores physical and emotional well-being. It highlights the flow of energy in one's body making it easier to see how your life's energy is flowing and where it could be getting blocked. It is rooted in the understanding that we are energy beings with a vibrational frequency. We create our own lives. What we do and attract in our lives is dependent upon the energy we put out, and the thoughts we think. From this perspective it is helpful to be mindful of our personal energy. We each have an inner being within, and our lives work best when we are in alignment with that inner being. In my energy healing sessions my intention is to help you expand your consciousness & increase your vibratory frequency. Big words? Haha. Fear not, it simply means raising your vibes, so that you can begin to operate from a place of alignment with who you really are. Be true to yourself they say. Many of us have a hard time doing that though, this is because 1. we don't really know who we are, and 2. we often times feel we are not enough, or that we will never be accepted for who we really are deep within, so we put on masks or facades that help us cope socially. In such cases, the true self within is usually crying out for release, and in my work, I help you remember that true self. This then allows you to show up authentically in your work, relationships and other life areas where you operate. Healing can also be incorporated into one's spiritual practice. It is a powerful way to understand divine messages & guidance. Healing sessions are incredibly personal and are thus great for self love & self care. They allow you time to work on yourself. Benefits of energy work include: Deep relaxation of the body Clearing & healing emotional blocks Understanding of one's emotions Receiving divine messages & guidance Expanding one's awareness Remembering who you really are Restoring trust in the self Boosting confidence Strengthening one's intuition Feeling good With Love ... Fadzi ♥️ Intuitive Healer

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