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Do The Inner Work, Here's How

Ever had a friend who tells you the same relationship problem over and over again? And no matter how much you advise them otherwise they don't actually do anything to change their situation? So in the end you stop giving advice and when they bring it up again your response is, "oh is it?". Yeah, we do that too sometimes with our spirituality & emotional healing work. Are there emotional challenges you just haven't broken free off in your life no matter how much you've been working on them? I might have the answer to why you haven't managed to shake them off.

I have found over the years that when it comes to healing, people often think it's all pretty rainbows and sunshine. They talk of aura colours and how blue or purple they are, and yet they go home and face the exact same issues. Same talk, and yet no real life changes. Where could the disconnect be?

I think the mistake many make is to think that healing means we only look at the beautiful things in life. Many do what we call spiritual bypassing, i.e not dealing with their real problems, skating around them and quickly going to the rosy side of things. It is such a dangerous thing to do. True healing is nothing like this, true healing means manning or womaning up to deal with your real emotional problems. It means digging deep into your negative behaviours, emotions, traumas and bringing them to light so as to work on them step by step until change happens. This type of emotional & psychological work is not always easy. One often needs to build stamina to overcome negative patterns.

This week, I invite you to check where you stand with this. Are you all the way in with your self healing or are you half-assing it? Doing your affirmations, and reading self help books but not actually applying the tools given to your life? In today's episode, I talk on what's required to truly overcome situations, challenges & tough times, breaking down the process that can help you with emotional healing. If you are ready finally get breakthroughs on something that's been a challenge for you for a while, check out this episode & learn how to show up more fully for yourself.

After watching, please leave me a comment telling me if you have built real stamina to work on yourself or is you have been mostly engaged in spiritual entertainment & spiritual bypassing instead. No shame, just an honest look at things. What are your takeaways from the episode? I would love to hear from you on this.

Thank you for watching. Stay elevated & keep your vibes high,

With Love ... Fadzi ♥️


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